mothwing: Image of a death head hawk moth (Catastrophe)
Mothwing ([personal profile] mothwing) wrote on May 7th, 2013 at 07:30 pm
Flying guest
Creepy-crawly of the day: the common wasp, vespula vulgaris.

We've had a visitor who was apparently looking for a place to nest under a blanket on our couch, and she was much larger than any wasp I have seen around here, so I'm assuming that she is a queen. I captured her majesty, and holy crap, she is huge.

Wasp under the cut.

"Hey, let me out!"
The line on the forehead plate tells us that this is most probably a common wasp and not a German wasp - they have dots rather than this one line.

"I saw you lift the thing, I know that the exit is under here."

"You want me to sit on this? Fine. A very puny throne, but I'll take it."
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