mothwing: Image of a death head hawk moth (Adventure)
Mothwing ([personal profile] mothwing) wrote on March 24th, 2015 at 04:07 pm
Day 1: Tuesday: Trip to Leipzig
I left the school building, was taken home by Crocky, and we left for Leipzig. Crocky knew the city from when her sister did her apprenticeship, but I'd never been there.

We picked the perfect hostel: the Space Hotel Leipzig. The decor speaks for itself:

It's run by a society that organises moon buggy races and training for space enthusiasts of up to 25 years and has its own observatory.

Sadly, we arrived after hours and at least I had a panicky moment when we realised we'd have to call our booking agent for the safe code and I realised that my phone's battery was on its last legs. Crocky's calming influence and the quick information of an employee at the booking company got us into the premises safe and happy and we had an early night. 
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