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Uton we hycgan hwær we ham agen, ond þonne geþencan hu we þider cumen

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. Mothwing .

I enjoy reading poetry, playing computer games, reading Fantasy novels, books that are considered literature and texts in medieval Germanic languages.

In my free time I also like taking pictures, editing said pictures, doodling, and writing, though not necessarily in that order. I also occasionally pick up arts and crafts projects or try my hand at learning one of the instruments that my very talented wife can play. I usually do not last very long, but then I'm quite satisfied with mastering only the very basics and stick to choir singing, which I love.

I'm a queer feminists With Views which I occasionally also voice, but that shouldn't deter you. My user name comes from the riddle in the Exeter book below because I can identify with the moth.

. Riddle .

Moððe word fræt-- me þæt þuhte
wrætlicu wyrd þa ic þæt wundor gefrægn,
þæt se wyrm forswealg wera gied sumes,
þeof in þystro, þrymfæstne cwide
ond þæs strangan staþol. Stælgiest ne wæs
wihte þy gleawra þe he þam wordum swealg.

. Fandom .

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anecdata, anglistics, anglo-saxon poetry, artemis fowl, bdsm, being alone but not lonely, bigender, biology, bisexuality, books, butch, calligraphy, charles algernon swinburne, children, choirs, christianity, cissexuality, class, classics, coffee, constance hardbroom, creative writing, crocky-wock, d/s, dark matter, discworld, drawing, ds9, dykes, early modern music, elphaba, english, erich kästner, ethics, evolution, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, femslash, fiction, foreign language teaching, gender, gilmore girls, glasgow, hamburg, harry potter, havelock vetinari, history of britain, human evolution, human sexualities, intersectionality, j.k. rowling, john donne, john rutter, kingkiller chronicle, kink, knowledge, language teaching, latin, lehrer, lesbian, lgbt, lgbt issues, libraries, linguistics, medieval literature, medieval music, michael ende, middle-class, minerva mcgonagall, minerva mcgonagall/severus snape, miss hardbroom, mmorpgs, monogamy, movies, name of the wind, narratology, nick hornby, paris geller, penmanship, philosophy, photography, poetry, polgara, politics, pre-raphaelites, privilege, psychology, quantum singularities, queer studies, queer theory, queers, quills, race, reading, relationships, religion, role playing, romanticism, russian, sarcasm, science fiction, scotland, scots, second language acquisition, severus snape, severus snape/minerva mcgonagall, sexual orientations, sexuality, shakespeare, singing, sir osric the chaste, slytherin, sonnets, space-time, spike, ss/mm, star trek, storytelling, strong female characters, structuralism, studying, t. s. eliot, teaching, terry pratchett, the bechdel test, the big bang theory, the dark is rising, the worst witch, theory of everything, thomas hardy, time travelling, transally, transfeminism, transsexuality, urban exploring, vikings, virtual worlds, wales, werewolves, western calligraphy, william shakespeare, william wordsworth, wind, witches, women, world of warcraft, writing, you
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