02 August 2013 @ 12:50 am
I survived!  
I have this unfortunate tendency to pick things that I really don't want to do because I am scared of them and then do them.

So. I'm scared of heights, and today, Crocky and I went to this forest adventure park.

There's a video about it on Youtube, hope it shows up:

But I survived! My glasses didn't.

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Thoughts on fat and chubby people not climbing )
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29 July 2012 @ 10:49 pm
Esbjerg and Ringkøbing  
I've been to Esbjerg before with [ profile] angie_21_237 and her family when I was a teenager, and the most vivid memory I have of the place is eating my first hot dog, pretty buildings, after, if memory serves, a visit to the Artillery Museum in Varde (which these days is advertised as "a great day for father and son", so I suppose I don't have to feel bad about giving it a miss, being neither). In short, I don't really remember the city. Crocky really wanted to go, though, because she's liked the city for a long time. 

So along we went. I'm glad we did, too, the weather was lovely, we had a picnick in the park, and we found the most flattering bathing suit that I have ever owned. Since I am self-conscious about my size there isn't a lot of swimwear that will make me get excited to get in the water, but I feel rather good about my newest aquisition of a swimming-dressy-kind of garment. 

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07 September 2010 @ 06:36 pm
Oh, Mentos...  

I sincerely doubt that the woman on the left would be able to lift the woman on the right, but oh well. Loving the whimsical stylishness of the fatphobia of this one, too.

More over at SI: "Fat Girls as Useful Life Accessories".
21 April 2010 @ 11:12 pm
This'll go nicely with my stress-induced bingefest  
Big women like sexy underwear, too? And there are ads for that underwear? Neat, I thought.
How did the network react? "Omg, it's a fat person in underwear, cover your eyes! Take it down!"

This is the ad in question:

Also, this post about going to the OB/GYN while fat made me incredibly angry. It shouldn't have, after all the other nice stuff I've heard about people's GYNs (sexual harassment, violation, humiliation, scare tactics into submitting to a procedure, dismissing concerns and pain as "this doesn't hurt, ever, so pull yourself together" etc., and that's just the people I know offline).

Yes, I get it. Fat people ought to blob along elsewhere and not subject themselves to the innocent eyes of other people (even though, as junkscience claims, this will make perfectly thin women worry about their body image so deep, deep down that even they themselves don't realise). Yeah. I'll go do some homework and let my lifesaving chocolate nuts prepare me for boobquake.
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