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2015-04-12 03:21 pm


I finished my first ever cardigan, the Gyre Cardigan.

Even though I did cave and knit a swatch (I hate swatching. It seems like such a waste of time), I got worried at first and started out with thirty stitches more at the beginning because it seemed too small, and several larger things that I'd knitted turned out far too small. It was very difficult at first to judge whether or not the cardigan would when it was still on the needles.

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I should be doing several things for work at the moment, instead I'm learning how to do cable projects, starting with, what else, a scarf. It'll go well with my green hat, though.

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2015-03-28 10:22 pm

Day 5: Saturday: Saalburg

Living with a church musician means having to be back by Sunday, so we went back on day five of our little roadtrip.

Since Crocky loves all things Roman and has fond memories of going to this place when she was a child, we decided to stop by the Saalburg to look at the ruins of the Roman fort there. It was established in 90 AD and abandoned in the middle of the third century when the Limes fell.

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2015-03-27 08:51 pm

Day 4: Friday: Munich

Since we'd spent most of our first day indoors we had planned to spend more time outside on the second day and explore the inner city and the English Garden.

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2015-03-26 08:35 pm

Day 3: Thursday: Munich

The weather being bad we decided to go to the German Museum on the first day. The best bit about this museum is that you end up in different parts, depending on who you go with. Left to my own devices I usually head to optics and photography, pharmacy, mining and space travel. With our budding aero engineers we were obviously in the aerospace and physics exhibitions.

With Crocky, who comes from a seafaring family with a lot of musicians, we ended up in those areas.

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2015-03-25 05:43 pm

Day 2: Wednesday: Leipzig

On the second day we explored Leipzig. I discovered that my cold was not quite gone and thus my head felt as though it'd been packed in cotton wool the entire day.

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2015-03-24 04:07 pm

Day 1: Tuesday: Trip to Leipzig

I left the school building, was taken home by Crocky, and we left for Leipzig. Crocky knew the city from when her sister did her apprenticeship, but I'd never been there.

We picked the perfect hostel: the Space Hotel Leipzig. The decor speaks for itself:

It's run by a society that organises moon buggy races and training for space enthusiasts of up to 25 years and has its own observatory.

Sadly, we arrived after hours and at least I had a panicky moment when we realised we'd have to call our booking agent for the safe code and I realised that my phone's battery was on its last legs. Crocky's calming influence and the quick information of an employee at the booking company got us into the premises safe and happy and we had an early night. 
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2014-09-08 09:09 pm
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Look what I made for T., [ profile] angie_21_237's little girl. Not that she's old enough to care, but I'm really happy with the result and am working on one for Crocky and me.

I used baby-appropriate wool that is washable and dyed in dye that does not threaten anyone's health. Well, and this pattern.

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2014-05-30 09:55 pm
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2014-05-30 09:24 pm

Botanical Garden

Crocky and I went to the Botanical Garden on Thursday, and I can't believe we hadn't been before, it's a beautiful place.

Although the rhododendrons we'd been promised are no longer in bloom we had a good time in the garden divided by continents featuring plants from each.

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2014-02-28 09:26 pm

Benjamin Blümchen

Stress resulted in this this week:

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2014-02-14 07:39 pm


Of course I ran out of wool on the last legs of Crocky's broomstick lace (or rather: plunger lace) scarf, so that project is on hold for now. I did purchase some ... Bändchengarn. Ribbon yarn? I don't know, but it looks like this and completed a scarf with that. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, but it isn't very warming, albeit decorative:

I love this stitch, it's fun to do and looks quite fancy, especially with the new yarn (the above scarf is about 1,60m long and made of exactly one ball of the yarn mentioned above).

I also caved and started working on a project involving this year's version of the granny squares that is currently all the rage on Ravelry, a pattern called "African Flowers", though I don't really understand where the name comes from.

Currently I'm trying to work on a Heidi Bear's Happypotamus, though I can't join-as-you-go as required by the project and though I don't really have any of the stuffing material that I'd need yet, either.

Quite apart from the fact that I'm not entirely clear what I'm going to do with a Hippopotamus toy once I'm done. Crocheting does clutter up the place with stuff. Ah, we'll see how this one turns out. I binned some of my early projects already because I didn't think that they were salvageable and I couldn't unravel all of them, especially if they were made of fuzzier yarn.
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2014-01-28 02:59 pm

Recent projects

I'm now on ravelry and I finished two projects since then- the dragonscale bracers -  they can't really be worn in public, but they're really warm and pretty - and a hideous fluffy pink bear ear hat with earflaps which wouldn't even look cute on a child. A brave soul who'd put that thing on, but it was fun to crochet while it lasted and then not fun enough to salvage when I couldn't get the beanie base to get large enough to fit and thus had to resort to the hideous earflaps. Ah, well.


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2014-01-12 03:11 am

Neck warmer!

I finished my crocheting project: I made it a neck warmer rather than a scarf, though. I'm thinking about making some fingerless gloves or gauntlets in the same pattern now that I'm done with this pattern. I actually bought the yarn to knit a scarf, but it looks as though knitting will have to wait a bit longer.

This is it. Front:

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2013-10-27 04:07 pm
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Last week ate me up and spit me out the other end, leaving in the dark in the mornings, teaching, staying at school until six, going home in the dark, working later. I really missed spending any time outside, or doing anything other than school stuff, really.

So today I took a short bike trip round Knoops Park, a beautiful park in the area to have a look at the colourful leaves and trees.

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2013-10-16 12:27 am

Mists on the Hamme

We went cycling again today even though I didn't really feel like it, but it was worth it.

For my efforts I was rewarded with a gorgeous view, and since I'm obsessed with the misty, foggy neighbourhood, I took pictures. This time it's not the river next door, the Lesum, it's the Hamme. Which looks an awful lot like the Lesum, but it's a different misty body of water, I swear.

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2013-10-13 11:52 pm


Crocky and I went to Amsterdam on Tuesday and came back on Friday.

The short version: we cycled a lot, were almost run over by cyclists, too, got stopped by the police, didn't get high (because the spire of the Westerkerk does not admit people with backpacks), went to the red light district, took pictures from what felt like every single bridge overlooking the famous canals, came back to the hotel smelling of weed in spite of our tee-totalling habits.

Basically every picture I took:

As ever I remain in awe of the bicycles, the sweets, and the linguistic superpowers of our neighbours )
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2013-10-07 09:15 pm
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Bike trips through our neighbourhood. There are a few car and paint shops around the corner as well as a large industrial harbour.

The largest of the pain shops burnt down spectacularly one morning and the entire street had to be roped off for the rest of the day. It still looks really grim and I really feel for the owners and hope their insurance covers a fresh start.

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2013-09-27 09:50 pm

Early morning dyke on bike on dyke

No one cares about my daily commute I suppose, but the view was still too glorious not to share. I always get excited when it's misty outside, so so far my daily commutes last week have been great because of the great views.

This morning, twenty to eight (I was a bit late):

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Other than that, there's not much going on at the moment, just a lot of exams and coming to terms with work. Full-time is a lot, and two of the groups that I teach are strangely bad at what they are doing, two groups are really good, thankfully, but this does mean that they need more to work with than the others and thus more preparation. School has eaten me alive.  
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2013-09-03 10:48 pm
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Mists of Lesum

The weather outside has started matching the feeling I've had in my knees for weeks: it's autumn.

I'm still braving the weather on my bike, so many of my mornings looked like this. These were taken on the local dyke at around seven.

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2013-08-26 10:55 am

Small Tortoiseshell

The peppermint's in bloom!

Our butterflies like the flowers, too. Yesterday, three small tortoiseshells came to visit.

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EDIT: Some of the pictures didn't show up at first, re-added them. Also, here's a picture of a spider family: Click!