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Mothwing ([personal profile] mothwing) wrote on July 16th, 2012 at 03:21 pm
The Long Earth
  • If I read one single more story in which there is a male figure who is magically The Chosen One without any sort of reason for why it's not the equally capable and equally savvy female character I am going to toss that book out of the window, film said toss and upload it on here. 
  • I am really tired with special, intelligent ladies instantly sort of powering down after they have been established as Smart and Male Main Character taking the lead instead, even if it has been established that said lady friend is more knowledgeable about what they are trying to do. Why does she have to be the daughter of the eccentric genius who invented steppers? Is there any reason relevant for the plot why she is not the eccentric genius herself? 
  • Queer ladies! Without fanfare! Who are gay divorcees! Who marry cowgirls! I wound up being far more interested in these characters than in the main character. 
  • Intelligent robot drink dispenser, sure. We're clearly in a Sci-Fi novel. Exploring the worlds in a balloon. Sure. 
  • Whoops, where did the plot go? 
  • Could we have read more about the badass biker nuns rather than that special guy and his special robot friends instead?
  • Sally's and Joshua's thoughts on Happy Landings. Yeah. Partying too much is what makes you blind or otherwise disabled...? Really? Um.
  • The reaction to steppers and stepping is every bit of what I would have expected, good job, frighteningly realistic. 
  • Less so families joyfully abandoning their children to head west in search for a new life, I find that much harder to buy. 
  • That ending. Huh?

Overall: I enjoyed the stories of the background characters but slept through the main character's journey. 
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