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Mothwing ([personal profile] mothwing) wrote on July 31st, 2013 at 11:54 pm
I'm not really a boat person, I like my feet firmly on the ground. I've given canoeing a shot, but mostly my friend and I just spent a lot of time turning in circles on the lake near my parents' house where we rented the canoes, then got soaked to the skin in a storm a few meters up the river and had to seek shelter in one of the dressier restaurants in that part of town. A fond memory, but it didn't particularly endear me to the bumbling around on the water.

Crocky and I gave rowing a shot today, and I took to it surprisingly well. We didn't turn around in circles unless we wanted to, and this tour around the Bürgerpark showed us some very pretty sides of this city.

We went from the Emmasee once round the "Zentraler Wasserlauf" back to the Emmasee.

The ducks usually followed our boat for a couple of meters, and I'm guessing that they are fed well by the many people paddling through here. They do live dangerously, though - we did find a dead duck floating face down, and unless it was sick it's well possible that it was knocked on the head by a stray oar.

I'd love to wander around in there.

Tiny little featherballs, those baby moorhens.

I'm glad that I saw this one before I had another encounter with the shore like I had once before.

And afterwards we had pancakes on the Admiral Nelson, which is Bremen's most famous pancake restaurant. It's a former trawler converted into a look-a-like of the HMS Conway, a former merchant navy school ship. Incidentally, the Conway was shipwrecked in 1953 between the two bridges connecting the island of Anglesey in the north of Wales with the Welsh mainland, the bridge we crossed to Anglesey last week. They'd tried to sail her through the famously dangerous "Swellies" ignoring the ebbing tide, and that after successfully getting through Menai Bridge with only a few feet to spare above and below.

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