26 March 2015 @ 08:35 pm
Day 3: Thursday: Munich  
The weather being bad we decided to go to the German Museum on the first day. The best bit about this museum is that you end up in different parts, depending on who you go with. Left to my own devices I usually head to optics and photography, pharmacy, mining and space travel. With our budding aero engineers we were obviously in the aerospace and physics exhibitions.

With Crocky, who comes from a seafaring family with a lot of musicians, we ended up in those areas.

We discovered a boat mentioned frequently in a school book used at my school:

Mineature hanseatic cogs

... miniature larger vessels...

... and small real vessels. At the top you can see parts of the aerospace exhibit of zeppelins and hot-ahr balloons.

I can never pass by the space section.

And we spent time in the musical instruments section, looking at organs, virginals, harpsichords, and various weird variations of the trumpet.

We had dinner at the Viktualienmarkt.

Though neither these lovely cheeses...

... nor these roast Schweinshaxen.

Instead, as always when I'm in this city, I immediatedly get an insatiable fruit-and-vegetable craving and we had very expensive but very tasty tomatoes and grapes instead.
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