02 March 2013 @ 11:38 pm
Done vs. to-do  
sleep in to catch up on sleep.
have porridge with unsweetened cocoa powder and a bit of peanut butter for breakfast.
inspect piles of assorted stuff that have grown on our floors during the past week and throw away half of it.
vacuum everything.
clean all floors.
clean bathroom and dramatically recite "Crossing the Bar" while scrubbing shower.
wipe down all surfaces with furniture polish.
load and run dishwasher.
reorganise kitchen closet.
cut off cables and plugs from lamps to prepare them for being put up in hallway.
nearly electrocute myself doing so because, contrary to what common sense would indicate, the lamps in the hallway are not connected to the fuse labelled "Hall", but to the "Kitchen" fuse.
celebrate fact that growing up I was drilled to use a screwdriver test light before attempting anything on anything electrical.
call my mother to inform her of my near-death experience as she is the one responsible for my test light training.
mope to my mother about fuses, school, and students for an hour.
defrost freezer and peel about 1kg of solid ice off the evaporator coils.
do laundry, including curtains.
play a merry game of sock memory to reunite long-lost sock brethren.
buy black leather coat on eBay for under €6.
buy soft shell coat that looks like a cross between a diving suit and a raincoat but which the reviewers said is very comfortable.
attempt to draw something. Give up when it turns out it sucks.
research short city sightseeing trips Crocky and I could take in the Easter holidays.
research courses offered by the local university and debate feasibility of pulling off completing one while working a full-time job.

Actual to-do-list:
- correct my seventh year's exam.
- talk to the kind crazy cat neighbours.
- draft an exam paper for my other seventh years.
- prepare exercises for my eleventh years for Monday.
- finish minutes of Wednesday's workshop.
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20 February 2013 @ 09:37 pm
Dresden File #1 - in which lovable chauvinists aren't.  
I like my escapist fantasy literature frustration-free and therefore can't enjoy fastfood literature anymore. )
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18 November 2012 @ 12:11 pm
  • Did I miss something or do Hogwarts teachers really always collect every single students' homework? When did they have time to correct that lot? Is there some sort of autocorrecting quill? Where can I get one? I have the feeling that I'm spending my whole life correcting and preparing exam papers for my students.
  • I attended a course for teachers on Tuesday. It was a sort of inter-cultural sensitivity training. It sucked. We had a lot of people there who went to deal with their own relatives from different countries - to help them integrate - or to get an idea of how to deal with muslim students. It was obvious this was not going to go well when someone said after an empathy-building exercise "I'm still wondering how those people feel. This is not that hard to deal with!" - That's because it's an exercise at a seminar and not daily experience, my good man. 
  • RealSocialSkills is easily one of the best tumblrs out there. From their blurb: "Social skills education often fails to teach people with disabilities vital skills, and just as often actively teaches anti-skills.
    At the same time, people without disabilities fail to develop fairly basic social skills needed to treat people well. This blog is an attempt to explain and teach both kinds of these neglected skills."
  • Skyfall - god Lord. Went downhill after the unnecessarily trippy intro (did they blow the entire special effects budget on that?) - unsurprising, given the race issues and misogyny that feel as though they're directly from this franchise's golden age and that we're being forced to look at Daniel Craig's inexpressive mug for two hours. Not even mother figure Judi Dench made it work and I was well past caring about her character towards the end because it was obvious that this movie was all about reasserting the ultra masculine white patriarchy at the expense of everybody else, though it was so over the top at times that I'm still wondering if this is meant to be ironic, and without knowing the other CraigBond movies I find it hard to tell. 

Cur for weightloss talk. )
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25 July 2012 @ 06:29 pm
Seductiveness of the Muse  
Like most people I assume that I, personally, am not susceptible to advertising or logos, and like for most people, this assumption is untrue. There are not many things that I think I am irrationally drawn towards, but I do I gravitate towards bookstores, and there are some bookstores that I gravitate towards more than to others. My native city's Thalia (named after the muse of comedy and poetry!) is such a store. I blame the logo. I mean, look:

How could one not be drawn to this logo? Usually, it's in green, and I spent more time at this bookstore than in any other bookstore. It's where I spent hours with childhood friends, where Crocky and I discovered beloved books we had in common.

So it was no surprise that when they offered the at that point cheapest e-book reader, the OYO, I went for it. 

I was rewarded with a device which made you press "next page" before even starting to read the one you were on because loading took so long. It was prone to freezing and breaking down. And around fourteen months after buying it, the USB port disappeared into the body of the reader entirely, never to be seen again. I could no longer access my library or the reader in any way. I do keep copies of my books on my desktop PC, but the loss of the reader was still really annoying for bus journeys. 

I read up on the internet and discovered that a lot of people had similar problems with their OYO (so, don't buy it, ever). I ultimately exchanged it, but I expected the transaction to be a big hassle. Usually, the people ask very stern questions about whether or not I used the item in question to fight off wild dogs with. If I had always used it in appropriate ways. If I had dropped it.

In this case, the question didn't even come up. 
The kind man behind the counter immediately handed a new, upgraded model and stressed several times that this model was a bit faster than the last one. 

And that he was sorry that this one hadn't lasted so long. 

And that they weren't making them anymore, anyway, because this device hadn't turned out as good as they had intended. 

And that he was sorry it was reduced (to half the price I had paid originally, too). 

I think I have learned my lesson not to trust labels (even if they are pretty muses). At least now I have a working e-book reader which allows me to comfortably take way more books than I usually would on our trip.