31 March 2013 @ 11:34 pm
Nice Things  
1. Osterwiese
The annual funfair in Bremen used to be where all the new rides came before they went to any other fair in Northern Germany. This is no longer the case because there simply aren't that many new rides anymore, and I doubt that this is really as popular as it used to be. Going by their numbers, the main attraction today are the food stands. So, we went today! The it was surprisingly empty, we could just walk up to all the counters and get into everything at once. I even went on joyrides just to prove to myself that I could. They used to terrify the life out of me, but flying that glider already took some of that fear out of me. I also had some candy grapes and candy floss.

2. Kindle
We already have an ebook reader, but it is an OYO. It takes forever to turn pages. It randomly freezes. It takes forever to go to the menu screen, and heaven help you if you accidentally click the wrong button. The home screen shows you the brand's bookstore, but you can't buy any books on the weekends, or rather, you can, but they'll only be delivered on the next working day. So, ever since we got our OYO and it turned out... well, to be the OYO, I really, really wished I had bought a Kindle Touch instead because in the higher price came with better support and better features. With this thing I could sync my audio bookmarks to my reading device, too, and it seems just so much more convenient than the others and I'd made only the best experiences friends' kindles. Today I found one on eBay that still has warranty and is new, and it got it half off.

3. Loud Hands
Also, I bought this anthology: Loud Hands - autistic people speaking (review here). I've been wanting this for a while - it's an anthology of essays by actually autistic people, which is refreshing, because most literature I read on the subject of autism during my studies was from allistic/neurotypical authors who were describing how to train autistic people to behave more neurotypically in a school setting.

4. When Women Were Warriors
And I also found this book via a rec in [livejournal.com profile] lesbian. And I am so excited about this one! It's set in matrilineal Bronze Age Britain and is about a queer warrior choosing her own mentor and a mate against her tribe's rules. The author is offering a download of the first book for free here.
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