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Mothwing ([personal profile] mothwing) wrote on March 30th, 2015 at 09:25 pm
Holidays with The Walking Dead
Two more glorious weeks of Easter holidays lie ahead and I'm surfacing from work once more. I haven't touched the pile of student papers yet at all.

I haven't even glanced their way.

Crocky and I have taken a short trip across Germany and I've knitted a lot while watching The Walking Dead, but that's about it. I've backdated seveal posts about the trip with photos and notes with memories.

The Walking Dead I've now given a chance in three incarnations. I've played the Telltale game, which I loved, I read Volume 1 of the comic books, which I hated, and now I'm watching the series, which starts out fairly close to the comic book series but then probably detours, though I wouldn't know at which point. I really like some parts and dislike others.

It's creepy how gore-filled TV has gotten and how immune I have become to that. Although, in spite of the gore, what I do like about this series that there have not been any depictions of graphic rape yet. At all. And even though they are very much a part of the comic book series that the TV show is based on. I don't know what happened there, especially Michonne I saw as a rape victim waiting to happen. since for some reason all strong female characters Must Be Raped. It wasn't a surprise she's raped in the comics. And here? Nothing!

Still, it's far from perfect, and the gender issues are laughably horrible. Although I am not even sure anymore if the series thinks that its being a realistic potrayal of present-day US gender norms, which would be equally sad. Especially the scenes in which female characters are doing the laundry and talking about how the male characters need to protect them really rubbed me the wrong way and I think this entire thing was done much better in the game.

I'm going back to doing drop stitches on my Gyre cardigan now. 
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