22 July 2013 @ 10:48 pm
Day 14 - Biking through Malmö  

Stepped out to Hitchcock's The Birds.

St. Petri in Malmö. Without spire, because I simply couldn't fit it on the picture.

St. Peter with a little St. Paul thrown in.

Beautiful organ. We got to listen to it the next day when we listened to a concert there.

The pulpit has the life story of Jesus, unsurprisingly, but we were a bit confused about the person lurking behind Jesus here.

The altar.

Life story of St. Peter, the grumpy gentleman in brown, though he does seem to undergo a costume change in the panels on the right.

Awww, look at it.

Original art on the ceiling.

But we can't look at pretty churches all day. So.

Biking along the beach.

"Yes? What is it you wanted?"

Former limestone quarry.

This city has a serious goose problem. Or is going to have a very tasty Christmas, who knows.

Malmö castle.

Stortorget with town hall.

Karl X. Gustav, king of Sweden and Duke of Bremen and Verden. Nice horse, too.
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[identity profile] minervas-eule.livejournal.com on July 30th, 2013 04:11 pm (UTC)
*Yeah* for the organ(concert) and all your great detail-pictures of the church - what a wonderful old ceiling painting for example!
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Mothwing[identity profile] mothwing.livejournal.com on July 31st, 2013 12:24 pm (UTC)
I was thrilled to discover they're trying to restore or at least conserve what they found. Most of the paintings have been painted over and whitewashed several times. The organ concert was a really nice way to say goodbye to the city, too. ♥
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