27 March 2015 @ 08:51 pm
Day 4: Friday: Munich  
Since we'd spent most of our first day indoors we had planned to spend more time outside on the second day and explore the inner city and the English Garden.

The weather the next day looked nice enough in the morning.

And we could once again see that the Isar is one of the prettiest rivers we've ever seen.

Once arrived in the centre it started to rain, so we were forced to seek refuge in one of the cafés lining the Marienplatz and have Millirahmstrudel for Crocky and a large iced coffee for me. What a terrible shame!

When the weather looked up again, we were able to take a closer look at the Rathaus. The figurines in the middle move at 12:00, which we could see from our excellent seats in the café.

... though we have to admit that mostly, we looked at it through second floor windows of the bookshop across the square because soon, the weather took a turn for the worse again.

Later, however, we saw my favourite wall decoration.

Who would not love a dragon scaling the walls outside their doors!

When the weather was nicer, we headed over to the beautiful English garden.

Just look.

On the way back through the centre for a late lunch, we found this excellent sign above the office of said people:

The last thing we looked at for the day was the Frauenkirche and its lovely organ.

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